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Big Ol' Nasty Getdown x James Flames "Yoda Mode" 18"x24" Limited Edition Print

Big Ol' Nasty Getdown x James Flames "Yoda Mode" 18"x24" Limited Edition Print

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The Big Ol' Nasty Getdown & James Flames are proud to present "Yoda Mode". 

This 18"x24" limited edition hand printed screen print, will serve as our cover for our up coming single "Yoda Mode" featuring Maiya Skyes.  There are four signed and numbered variants including an ultra wild white foil in which 85% of the colors have been dropped from the image making the paper as much a star of the show as the image. There are 40 of those.  We also printed two additional variants on "Strobe Dots Holofoil" and "Sonic Waves Holofoil". Those are both edition sizes of 30.  Finally we have the regular edition on white which is an edition size of 50.  Below is a little info from James about the image:


"So, I took the general idea we had talked about, but instead of a traditional cockpit, I made it more like a portal in a space station (similar to the actual ISS). All the gadgets and machinery in the portal might look like standard ‘space ship stuff” upon first glance, but they’re actually all based on musical instruments. There’s a giant guitar shape (behind the ‘B.O.N.G.’ lettering), there’s a horn section on the left side, a mic’d up drum kit on the bottom right, which is right next to the mixing console (all in honor of the way you started the mix with the drum track), and there are piano/keyboard keys all up the walls."
"Then the main ‘narrative’ aspect shows the astronaut in her ship in the vast reaches of space. She climbs the stairs and puts her hand out to touch the glass that separates her from the universe outside. The stars sparkle and dance, connecting beams of electricity out to her hand. And it’s that moment that she reaches “Yoda Mode”! All the instruments in the space station are activated, and the song illuminates the cosmos". -James Flames



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