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The baddest players in the galaxy collide  in a funk explosion that is the next chapter in music history…

Imagine if the people who made James Brown dance, Kool and the Gang “Celebrate”, and P- Funk’s Mother ship fly, all joined forces for a once in a lifetime collaboration. This is The Big Ol’ Nasty Getdown, arguably the most ambitious and most exciting music project of any genre, in decades. So vital and current, today’s chart toppers like Taylor Swift would never have conceived “Shake it Off” nor would Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson have brought the “Uptown Funk” without it. 

Initially, The Big Ol’ Nasty Getdown -Volume 1, started as a star-studded tribute to the history of funk music with the sonic landscape including members of Parliament Funkadelic, Your Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band, Galactic, The Derek Trucks Band, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band and The Warren Haynes Band.

“The entire project was designed not only to pay homage to its roots but also to inspire and encourage the next generation of talent to insure this music’s longevity”, says The Getdown’s founder and bassist John Heintz. The enticing magic that comes from this merger of old school and new school talent is very evident when listening to Volume 1.

With The Big Ol’ Nasty Getdown -Volume 2 currently being mixed at Dave Grohl’s 606 Studio, using the legendary Sound City board, the new record continues in this same tradition. With an unparalleled all star line up from The James Brown Band, Bill Wither’s Band, Morris Day and the Time, P-Funk, The Sexual Chocolate Band, Arrested Development, Sly and The Family Stone, The Meters, Earth Wind and Fire and many more.

With a Getdown Tour planned for early 2016, the project’s founder John Heintz says, “I had always loved what George Clinton does, P-Funk is like it’s own little moving city. With so many folks in that camp coming and going, it changes the sound and keeps things fresh night after night.”


Accolades and Quotes:

“It’s quite extraordinary what they have put together and I’m honored to be apart of this project” says Taylor Dayne. “These are some of the biggest, baddest, greatest, Jazz, Funk, Blues, players out there and what I can say? I’m a part of Volume 2. It’s very exciting!”

“Thank you for the opportunity to play with some of my favorite people in this round world” - Guitarist Vernon Reid of Living Colour on The Getdown’s Volume 2

Volume 1’s single “College Funk” was awarded the 2011 “Funk Song of the Year” at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMAs), and garnered nominations for 2012 “Album of the Year” at the LA Music Awards.

“We have no choice but to give the Big Ol’ Nasty Getdown – Volume 1 a 5 out of 5 afros and we can’t wait to hear the forthcoming future volumes.” –Funkatopia

“This is ridiculous! I can’t stop dancing long enough to write this damned review!” –Andy Snipper (