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Evan York - "Behind All Doors"

The Big Ol' Nasty Getdown

Evan York - "Behind All Doors"

$ 4,000.00

"Behind All Doors" - Ink on paper mounted on wood 33"x34"

About Evan York:
Born in NYC 1966, Artist and Animator, Evan York began his art career by displaying his paintings on cardboard and wood, on the streets for people to collect - if they were willing to climb a telephone pole. Sizes of street art varied from 5 to 15 feet tall.  York’s artwork was found around the world.  From the great (Marilyn Manson) to the near-great (Brittany Spears’ stylist) his artwork has been “acquired” by many off the sides of Laurel Canyon.  Since 1995, York has established himself as an artist represented in private collections, solo and group gallery shows, as well as being commissioned for motion pictures and television productions.

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