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Courtenay Pollock Tapestry - "Motherboard"

The Big Ol' Nasty Getdown

Courtenay Pollock Tapestry - "Motherboard"

$ 500.00

Original tie dye tapestry by Courtenay Pollock, tie dye artist for the Grateful Dead.

About Courtenay Pollock:

Courtenay Pollock's tie dye method is a dye on fabric technique using a geometric folding technique he innovated in 1968.  This creates a style of origami tie dye of the Fine Art caliber.  Pollock started with making full blown Mandalas and backdrops, but eventually got popular for tie dye shirts as well. Since the late 1960's, Pollock has been creating art on fabric using this innovative geometric folding technique.  While his pieces of the recent era seem to be in a class beyond time.

Pollock is widely known for the many Tie dye T-shirts,  Mandalas, speaker fronts and backdrops he created for ' The Grateful Dead'  and became most remembered for his massive stage pieces.  Today Pollock brings that same magic to his work that represented the psychedelic art of the 60’s and 70’s.

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