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Adam Strange - "Dyanisis & Demeter Will Always Be More Popular than Zeus"

The Big Ol' Nasty Getdown

Adam Strange - "Dyanisis & Demeter Will Always Be More Popular than Zeus"

$ 300.00

11” x 14” Acrylic on Canvas - 2010

About Adam Strange:

Adam Strange believes in pop culture. His mind revolves around comic books, toys, and television. He was born in the District of Columbia, but has spent time in most of the fifty states. As a teenager he ran away from home to live on Grateful Dead tour, which kept him on the road for years. He spent the 1990's bumming around Europe selling his artwork on the street. During this period, Adam decided to 'steal' college. He started sneaking in to different art schools and learning what he could before being ejected by security. Upon returning to the U.S. he began to focus on painting.

Using mostly social media and word of mouth he has built a large underground following. Many musicians, artists, and even professional wrestlers have Adam Strange paintings in their homes. He produces a prolific amount of work selling over 200 paintings in 2015 alone. 

Adam lives in the thriving art community of Asheville, NC. When he's not painting, he is either the DJ for Grammy Award winning children's hip hop group "Secret Agent 23 Skidoo" or he just sits around complaining about tourists. Asheville's weekly paper, the "Mountain Xpress", recently named him 3rd best painter in WNC, and often describes him as "an Appalachian Warhol".

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